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2024 CCI Student Researcher Showcase

8:30 am - 11:00 am, Friday, March 22, 2024

Date:  Friday, March 22 , 2023

Time: 8:30 am - 11:00 am

Location: The Integrated Security Education and Research Center, Corps Leadership and Military Science Building, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg campus

In Southwest Virginia, hundreds of graduates and undergraduates are working in labs, internships or training programs that allow them to get hands on with cybersecurity or engage in CCI research. These experiences equip students with highly specialized cybersecurity skills, preparing them to meet the growing demand for cybersecurity talent in the commonwealth and beyond. 

The CCI Researcher Showcase is an opportunity for the students to present their ongoing research projects and share their methods and results to date. There will be awards for the top three posters. 

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Submitted Projects:

Authors: Sifat Muhammad Abdullah, Aravind Cheruvu, Shravya Kanchi, Taejoong Chung, Peng Gao, Murtuza Jadliwala, Bimal Viswanath

Research Advisor(s): Dr. Bimal Viswanath

Authors: Shiva Acharya, Shaoran Li,  Nan Jiang, Yubo Wu, Tom Hou, Wenjing Lou, Weijun Xie

Research Advisor(s): Dr. Tom Hou

Authors: Evan Allen, Zeb Bowden, J. Scot Ransbottom

Research Advisor(s): J. Scot Ransbottom, Zeb Bowden

Authors: Osama Bajaber, Bo Ji, Peng Gao

Research Advisor(s): Bo Ji, Peng Gao

Authors: Akshay Bansal, Jamie Sikora

Research Advisor(s): Jamie Sikora

Authors: Majid Behravan , Denis Gracanin, Mohamed Azab

Research Advisor(s): Denis Gracanin, Mohamed Azab

Authors: Brady Alexander, Milad Beikbabaei, and Ali Mehrizi-Sani

Research Advisor(s): Ali Mehrizi-Sani

Authors: Jack Chandler, Tianhao Wang, Myeonseob Ko, Ruoxi Jia, Wenjie Xiong, Connor McPeak

Research Advisor(s): Wenjie Xiong, Ruoxi Jia

Authors: Nikitha Donekal Chandrashekar, Mohammed Azab, Denis Gracanin

Research Advisor(s): Denis Gracanin, Mohammed Azab

Authors: Rahul Varma Chintalapati, Nishith Tripathi, Jeffrey Reed 

Research Advisor(s): Nishith Tripathi, Jeffrey Reed

Authors: Poorvesh Dongre, Stephanie Travis, Denis Gracanin

Research Advisor(s): Denis Gracanin

Authors: Adam Downs and Alejo Cobos

Research Advisor(s): Neil Sigmon

Authors: Rafail Frantzeskakis, ChunJun Cao, Edwin Barnes, and Sophia E. Economou

Research Advisor(s): Edwin Barnes, Sophia Economou

Authors:  Rishith Gandham, Tamia Barnes, Erin Harrigan, Dr. Luis Borunda Monsivais, Dr. Na Meng, Dr. Andrew Gipe-Lazarou

Research Advisor(s): Na Meng


Authors: Daniel Hajialigol, Derek Kaknes, Tanner Barbour, Daphne Yao, Chris North, Jimeng Sun, David Liem, Xuan Wang

Research Advisor(s): Xuan Wang

Authors: Erfan Iravani, Wenjie Xiong

Research Advisor(s): Wenjie Xiong

Authors: Sumin Kang, Manish Bansal

Research Advisor(s): Manish Bansal

Authors: Sindhura Kommu, Sajib Acharjee Dip, Xuan Wang

Research Advisor(s): Xuan Wang

Authors: Elham Mohammadrezaei, Fatemeh Sarshartehrani, Majid Behravan, Denis Gracanin

Research Advisor(s): Denis Gracanin

Authors: Caleb McIrvin, Ankith Mohan, Jamie Sikora

Research Advisor(s): Jamie Sikora

Authors: Thomas Nguyen, Jorge Guajardo, Thang Hoang

Research Advisor(s): Thang Hoang

Authors: Seonghun Park, Manish Bansal

Research Advisor(s): Manish Bansal

Authors: Sonika Poudel and Mikel Manchester

Research Advisor(s): Eric K Kaufman

Authors: Arman Riasi, Jorge Guajardo, Thang Hoang

Research Advisor(s): 
Thang Hoang, Jorge Guajardo

Authors: Hayden Rose, Rukshana Sarkari, Gabi Woodward, Kolby Quigg

Research Advisor(s): Sherif Abdelahmid, Sarah Patterson, Blain Patterson, Gretchen Matthews, Hiram H. López 

Authors: Nathan Daly and Julia Shapiro

Research Advisor(s): Thomas Krauss, Ehren Hill

Authors: Fatemeh Sharifi, Ali Mehrizi-Sani

Research Advisor(s): Ali Mehrizi-Sani

Authors: Brooke Spens and Riley Phillips

Research Advisor(s): 
Aaron Brantly

Authors: Mollie Upchurch and Justin Young 

Research Advisor(s): Aaron Brantly

Authors: Keyuan Zhang, Zhongdong Liu, Nakjung Choi, Bo Ji

Research Advisor(s): Bo Ji

Authors: Ying Zhang, Wenjia Song, Zhengjie Ji, Danfeng (Daphne) Yao, Na Meng

Research Advisor(s): Na Meng

Authors: Akshay Bansal, Ian George, Soumik Ghosh, Jamie Sikora, Alice Zheng

Research Advisor(s): Jamie Sikora