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Opportunities for students

Undergraduate and Graduate Research Immersion Program (UGRIP)

UGRIP was designed for students who engage in CCI work. This program recognizes students for their contributions and provides them with additional opportunities.

CCI SWVA Cyber Internship program

CCI SWVA Cyber Internship program subsidizes or supports cyber internships in information technology (IT) at regional organizations. Interns work with personnel from central IT, who are responsible for recruiting, planning and administering the program, focusing on the following three areas:

  • Cyber Defense
  • Security Architecture
  • Risk Management

The Security Clearance Readiness Certificate (SCRC) program

SCRC program informs and prepares undergraduate and graduate students to obtain security clearances.

Many positions in cybersecurity, especially those involving access to classified information, such as those with federal agencies or federal contractors, require security clearances. Security clearances tend to increase both employment opportunities and associated salaries. The SCRC program is designed to demystify the clearance process and streamline pathways between higher education programs and jobs requiring security clearance.

The SCRC program is available to all students at CCI SWVA institutions. Students are required to attend four seminars during the academic year. There will be many opportunities to participate in seminars via virtual platforms (such as zoom) or in person.

This SCRC program empowers students at all levels to increase their employment prospects. Please note that the SCRC program cannot issue security clearances as employer sponsorship is required. 

The SCRC program is sponsored by CCI SWVA in collaboration with Virginia Tech’s Hume Center for National Security & Technology

CCI SWVA continues to expand student programs and opportunities. Check back for updates, or sign up for our newsletter. For more information on any of the current programs, contact the CCI SWVA team.