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2022 Blue Sky Thinking on Computer Networks in Space

July 12-13, 2022

Satellites in low-Earth orbit

CCI researchers invited to attend, present at Virginia Tech workshop to build secure, reliable interconnectivity in mega satellite constellations

In collaboration with the University of Surrey in the UK, CCI/aerospace engineering researchers from Virginia Tech are hosting a two-day workshop on July 12-13: Blue Sky Thinking on Computer Networks in Space. The workshop will bring together the satellite/aerospace community with computer networking and communications to address challenges in providing reliable connectivity between mega satellite constellations in different orbits.

Speakers include well-known academics from both communities who have pioneered work in this area as well as Microsoft Research, Vodafone, and NASA. The event concludes with a panel of US and UK funding agencies (NSF, EPSRC, Innovate UK) talking about opportunities in this space.

The agenda includes lightning talks on July 13. CCI students and faculty are invited to share their relevant work on connecting satellites together, especially in low-Earth orbit (LEO) mega-constellations.

For anyone interested in attending in-person, organizers have a room booked on campus and will arrange for one in Arlington if there is sufficient interest. Please register directly on the site for attending virtually, and let Drs. Black and Kenyon know about any interest in lightning talks and/or in-person attendance.