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Commonwealth Cyber Initiative Southwest Virginia internship program 

The Southwest Node of the Commonwealth Cyber Initiative internship program enhances Virginia's cyber talent pipeline by increasing the number of training opportunities available to students in Southwest Virginia.  The node has funds to subsidize 60 Southwest Virginia student internships.

The experiential learning provided by this type of internship equips students with highly specialized cybersecurity skills, preparing them to meet the growing demand for cybersecurity talent in the commonwealth and beyond. 

Cybersecurity internships can be virtual, in-person, or hybrid during the academic year or in the summer.

Subsidies available

The internship should be impactful and meaningful to both the student and the organization. It should include training relevant to cybersecurity.

A subsidy of $2,500 is available for most internships in this program. If the internship opportunity is a full-time summer-long internship with exceptional circumstances, CCI SWVA may subsidize an internship up to $5,000. If the subsidy amount does not cover the entire agreed-upon salary for the student, the organization must contribute to make up the difference. 

Requests will be reviewed as they are received for a limited number of internships.

1. Contact

Organizations with interest in hosting an intern in a cybersecurity-related area of work that wish to have the internship costs subsidized by CCI Southwest Node should send a message to with subject line: "Internship Program Request." The email should include the following information:

Organization name; Organization point of contact name, email address and phone number; Organization address (including county); Brief description (2-5 sentences) of organization’s work as it relates to cybersecurity; Number of interns you are interested in hiring under this program.

After the company has contacted the CCI SWVA Node, the node and organzation point of contact will work to develop an intern job description.

2. CCI SWVA posts position 

CCI SWVA shares the position description to attract students studying at one of the 14 CCI SWVA public institutions of higher education: Radford University, the University of Virginia at Wise, Virginia Military Institute, Virginia Tech, Danville Community College, The Institute for Advanced Learning and Research, New College Institute, Mountain Empire Community College, New River Community College, Patrick and Henry Community College, Southwest Community College, Virginia Highlands Community College, Virginia Western Community College, and Wytheville Community College.

3. Company Select intern(s) and creates MOU with CCI SWVA

The organization evaluates applications, interviews, and onboards the intern(s). The organization may select students through soliciting applicants or identifying students through their hiring processes as long as they are current students at a CCI SWVA Node public institution and the organization’s internship program has been approved by CCI SWVA.

The company notifies CCI SWVA of the internship offer by submitting the student's name and the SWVA node institution they are attending. CCI SWVA creates a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the company outlining terms (including the internship timeframe) and reporting requirements.